John Technology Holdings Limited

中興科技集團有限公司成立於1965年,我們一直專注於開發殺菌和消毒產品,以通過各種殺菌功能來改善空氣質量。多年來,我們擁有1,000多種不同風格的照明和空氣消毒產品,其中就我們的產品設計和銷售業績均獲得了無數獎項和獎勵,這是對我們不斷開發新技術和新產品造福人類的最大鼓勵。John Technology Holdings Limited was founded in 1965. We had been placing a special focus in developing sterilization and disinfection products to improve air quality by various germicidal functions. Over the years, we have over 1,000 different styles of lighting and air disinfection products, in respect of them numerous prizes and awards for our product designs and sales performance have been received. This is the greatest encouragement for us to further develop new technology and new products for the benefit of human beings.